Florida Energy Windows & Shutters

Living in Florida, we face a unique set of challenges when it comes to home maintenance and improvements due to our Fantastic year round warm weather. When considering windows, shutters, and doors, we want them to enhance the look and feel of our home, but it is essential that they meet the highest Energy efficient standards. At The Halligan Group we take pride in offering a wide range of products by premier manufacturers to do just that. Our products are beautiful, functional and will meet the Florida Energy Building Code, with Wind-Borne Debris maps listing 130 mph, or the strict requirements for Miami-Dade County, with wind-borne debris velocities of 150 mph.

We want to work side by side with you to provide top-notch installation services at a price you can afford. We are dedicated to offering the finest products and the safest, most Energy efficient, installation to keep your family cool all safe…. Give us a call today to arrange a Free, no-obligation consultation and estimate.

The Halligan Group.